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Under The Microscope in South Charlotte

Sober Workplace

DOT Employee Drug & Alcohol Testing Facts

Safety is the number one priority of the US Department of Transportation. An essential task of their safety policy is ensuring that transportation providers across roads, rails, water, or over air, la...

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Your Health Choice

What DNA Reveals About You

Today we use DNA tests to tell us just about anything, It can help exonerate an innocent man sitting on death row, as well as help a woman determine the father of her child. Predict Your Child’s...

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About STDs

Why Your Teen Needs the HPV Vaccine

Human Papillomavirus-related cancers affect 17,500 young women and 9,300 young men each year in the United States. HPV causes many cancers in which there are no tests for, that is why prevention is e...

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ARCpoint Labs in the News

Former IMB Exec Opens Franchise in Austin

Paul and Lori Casterlin recently opened their first ARCpoint Labs on July 24 in Northeast Austin. The business offers comprehensive drug testing, corporate wellness seminars and DNA and genetic screen...

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Workplace Wellness

DNA Profiling Benefits For Your Employees

DNA profiles are helpful for myriad reasons including paternity proof, knowing whether twins are fraternal or identical, adoption, immigration reasons and criminal justice. However, we are focusing on...

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