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Hormone Thyroid Testing in South Charlotte

Thyroid Testing and Screening

As one of the largest endocrine glands in the body, your thyroid gland controls energy usage, protein production, and sensitivity to your body’s hormones.

If you’re experiencing abnormal weight gain, fatigue, constipation, chills, and dry skin, you could have an underactive thyroid gland, or hypothyroidism. Conversely, an overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism) might result in weight loss, an elevated heart rate, diarrhea, feelings of nervousness, and hot flashes.

If you’re showing signs of a thyroid disorder, it’s time to check your thyroid function. The Thyroid tests and panels/profiles at ARCpoint Labs of South Charlotte can help you keep track of your thyroid health. Our walk-in facility is ideal for conducting your clinical testing, as they don’t require appointments, insurance, or a physician’s referral. Simply visit ARCpoint Labs of South Charlotte to access clinical lab testing just like you receive at the hospital or clinic, but without the high costs.

The Thyroid Panels/Profiles at ARCpoint Labs of South Charlotte span from Basic to Ultimate, allowing you to pick the level of detail you would like or need. A Basic Thyroid Panel/Profile will provide you baseline data on your thyroid function; our Comprehensive Panel/Profile adds more tests to help pinpoint any issues; and the Ultimate Panel/Profile provides the most thorough information to make it easier for analysis and development of a treatment plan. For more information, click on the box below.

Choose to take one thyroid test, a handful, or an entire panel; you can decide what information you want to glean and how much you want to save. Purchasing a Panel/Profile vs. purchasing the tests individually can save you up to 50%.

Thyroid Testing and Screening at ARCpoint Labs of South Charlotte

Interested in one of our Thyroid Tests or Panels/Profiles? Simply walk into our nearest location and get quick, professional service, with no appointment, insurance, or doctor’s orders required! We’ll get the results of your thyroid tests back to you within days so that you can discuss your health with your physician.

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