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Workplace Policies in South Charlotte

Developing Legal Workplace Drug Testing Policies

Attorneys specializing in corporate law may be up-to-date on the latest in the state and federal regulations regarding drug and alcohol testing, but when it comes to outside factors that affect best practices in workplace drug and alcohol testing, ARCpoint Labs of South Charlotte can prove to be an invaluable partner.

To create the most effective and compliant corporate policy on drug and alcohol use, consider consulting with a workplace testing expert at ARCpoint Labs of South Charlotte.

Workplace Drug Testing Laws Meet Industry Best Practices

Our staff are experienced in dealing with drug and alcohol testing of all types, including court-admissible testing, making us highly-qualified to provide guidance in your corporate testing policies.

We can help corporate lawyers evaluate a number of crucial criteria when developing a workplace drug testing program, including:

  • Federal classifications of drugs & other substances, including synthetic drugs
  • Current trends in drug use, including trends at the state & local levels & trends in your specific workplace or industry
  • Types of testing & detection windows
  • Updates in drug & alcohol testing techniques, technologies, or methodologies
  • Kinds of testing needed (pre-employment, random, reasonable suspicion, post-accident or incident, return-to-work)
  • Desired location of collections – mobile (on-site) or in lab

As trusted professionals in the workplace drug and alcohol testing industry, we are also able to assist with employee education and supervisor training to ensure your program is well-executed.

Create a more effective workplace drug testing program; contact ARCpoint Labs of South Charlotte today!

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